10 Remarkable Japanese female Samurai

1.Tomoe Gozen. (1157-1247.) Legendary famous Samurai.

She is most well known female Samurai truly existed in Japanese history.
Her life and living only recorded on the famous 11th century Japanese War literature "Tale of Heike." and "Genpei War."

In these tales, Tomoe Gozen was strong brave Female Samurai with true beauty. She is excellent archer and Sword fighter with Elegance. Tomoe Gozen describe as a worth Samurai worrier of thousand. She was a concubine of the Minamoto no Yoshinaka. Also Tomoe Gozen fought Genpei War together with Yoshinaka until very end of his life.
Some of the literature could be just a fantasy. But the in the fact, she is very first Female Samurai in the Japanese history in recorded.

2.Tsubaki Hime (Lady Otazu. )(1550- 1568) Strong will woman fought with Tokugawa

Tsubaki Hime (Princess Camelia.) is wife of the Iio Tsuratatsu Born in during Japanese Sengoku Period. Iio Tsuratatsu were Samurai who worked for Lord Imagawa Yoshimoto. 

After Iio Tsuratatsu has died by the very conflicting battle, Tsubaki Hime become Lord of the Hikuiyama Castle fight against Tokugawa Ieyasu to Protect their territory. When during the war against Tokugawa Ieyasu;Tsubaki Hime wore deceased husband Iio Tsuratasu armor with Red combat make up. She against Ieyasu army with most proud of her archery skill. After this great battle Tsubaki Hime and all of her female servant has been defeated and captured by Tokugawa's army.
Even though Tsubaki Hime lost the battle, Her great skill as a female Samurai well respected. That is one of the reason also she is woman, Tsubaki hime spared of her life. This is mean she not beheaded as a defeated enemy. After her death Tokugawa Ieyasu first wife Tsukuyama Gozen plant camellia on her grave. Tsubaki Hime Grave is known as Tsubaki Hime Kan non locate Near the Hamamatsu Castle Shizuoka Prefecture in Hamamatsu city.

3.Nakazawa Koto(18??-Unknown.) Beautiful Female Samurai in Bakumatsu.

Nakazawa Koto was Born in Japanese Bakumatsu period as a daughter of the Kenjyutsu Dojyo owner Nakazawa Sonuemon. This is way she well train as a exceptional Japanese sword fighter. Nakazawa Koto become well polished sword fighter especially with Naginata (Japanese pole sword.). Koto's Naginata skill is much better than own father often beats him.

When Nakazawa Koto life changing moment was a she decided join Roshi Gumi (Pre Shinsengumi and Shincyo Gumi Team up by Kiyokawa Hachiro.) with her brother Nakazawa Yoshinosuke.
She need to dress as a men and join Roshi Gumi unofficially because of reason she is woman.

The RoshiGumi later collapse in Kyoto then one group stayed become famous Shinsen Gumi and one Group become Shinchyo Gumi organized by Member who went back Edo (Tokyo.). This time Nakazawa Koto went back Edo (Tokyo.) with brother joined Shincyo Gumi .
Then all sadden Samurai Government Tokugawa Bakufu implode. Koto and Brother Nakazawa Yoshinosuke decided stay on Tokugawa Bakufu side as a proud Samurai. They end up participate Japanese civil war (Boshin War).

The record indicate during the Boshin War Nakazawa Koto join the attack of the Satsuma Clan and Ogi Clan in Edo residence. After those attack Koto and brother joined battle of the Shonai. During of the Battle of Shonai, She was been siege by dozen of enemy Samurai. Koto had Break thorough the siege slashing enemy with her Japanese sword.

While Nakazawa Koto on the duty as a Shincho Gumi member, she always dress as a men. Koto is not only finest sword fighter; she has exceptional beauty always impressed many people. Her height is 5'7 and this is very tall for back then either men or woman.
According by tale Nakazawa koto; Koto describe as "When Koto dress as men Many female falling love with her. When Koto dress as female many men falling love with her."

So many people both men and woman ask marriage proposal to Koto. But she never marry to anyone. She was single entire of her life. Because of reason she decide to being single, she only wants men who stronger than her. 

4. Hokujyo Masako (1156 – August 16, 1225) Nan become power maker.

She is very first female Regent Shogun in the Japanese history. She was born as a daughter of the Izu area (Currently Shizuoka Prefecture.) Gentry Hojo Tokimasa. She met her husband Minamoto Yortomo later become very first Samurai government Kamakura Bakufu during of his banishment at the Izu area. Masako's father Tokimasa was responsible to watch Yoritomo while of his banishment term. This is the way Masako met future Shogun and husband Minamoto Yoritomo.

Since Masako was a young woman she was always have larger than life ambition and cleaver thinking. She is always middle of the Many government politics affair control her husband country. Without she using sword or weapon she well tact the very first Japanese Samurai Government.

Sadly, even though Masako has very cleaver political skill she still many things to be sacrifice. While Masako taking care of the politics, she caught with series of the conspiracy between Kyoto Noble and Samurai Clan. Middle of all those conflict Masako end up lost all of her biological child.

After Husband Yoritomo died, She shaved all of her hair become a Nan. But still there is no one eligible enough to statecraft of the government. The Kamakura Bakufu official brought only 3years old noble family child Santora assume the throne as a Shogun. Masako become Santora Regent handle the all government important work. Everyone called her "Ama Shogun."(Nan Shogun.) as her nickname, afraid of her power.

5.Myoin Teruko(1513-1594)Most strongest female Lord in Sengoku period
She is Legendary Known as a most strongest Samurai woman during Sengoku Period in Japan.

Myouinni Teruko was Lord of the Nokuni Kanayama Castle and Mother of Yura Kunisige.
She is very famous for extraordinary military strategy skill defend her castle and Territory countless times.

Tensho 12 (AC1584)when she was age at 71years old, her son Kunishige has been captured by Hojo Clan. Teruko Gathering up all her retainer command besiege against Hojo attacking her son Kunishige's Kanayama Castle. Because of her command Kanayama Castle been saved.

Six years later the besieged, Odawara Seibatsu (Conquest of Odawara.) has happen. This time Teruko's son Kunishige besiege Hojo Clan Odawara Castle. Meanwhile Teruko become guardian of the own grand son to join Odawara conquest for the Toyotomi Hideyoshi side. After this battle ends, Teruko and Her Yura Clan rewarded by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. They are given by Hideyoshi, Hitachi and Ushiku land as their Territory.
Teruko past away age at 81. Her Mausoleum Locate Tokugetsuin Temple Ushiku city Ibaragi Prefecture.

6.Ii Naoytora(15??-(1582)Respected Female Daimyo

Ii Naotora was well known Female Sengoku Daimyo during Sengoku Period country of Oumi . (Currently Hamamatsu city Shizuoka pref.)
Because Of the reason she become woman Sengoku Daimyo, Naotora family house hold do not have any son to claim Daimyo position. Her House Hold decide to set up marriage between Naotora and her cousin Iio Naochika. However before they got marry, Naochika's father commit suicide reason because they rebellion toward to Imagawa Yoshimoto. This incident is made Naotora's fiancee Naochika force to get out from own Country for hide away. Naochika been hidden until much later. This is the reason Naotra never able to chance to get marry with Naochika neither any men because she can not able to get marry in her proper age.

Later Naotora claim from father Daimyo position and become very cleaver well respected Daimyo. She was being single entire of her Life. She has been well admire among of the citizen as a female Samurai Daimyo Lord. She sincerely called by citzen "Onnajitou."(Female Master of the Castle." )

7. Narita Kai Hime (Princess Kai.)

Kai Hime is female Samurai born in Azuti Momoyama Priod. She is daughter of the Oshi Castle Lord Narita Ujimasa. Kai Hime is relative of the Myoin Teruko Ama. So Kai Hime lot like the Myoin Teruko. She bravely took the leadership manage the crisis of the Clan. She later become Concubine of the Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
Year of 1590 During Siege of Odawara Ishida Mitsunari took over Twenty-Thousant army attack her Oshi castle. Her father Ujimasa were absence and her younger brother died by illness, Kai Hime ride own black horse swing her most finest sword Namikiri start fought back Mitsunari's army. During of this battle Mitsunari Army General Miyake Takeshige try capture her with word " Femal Samurai Shogun! I will catpture and make my wife!". Takeshige stood right front of Kai Hime try to attack her. However Takeshige did not realize her skill and underestimate her. Soon as Takeshige came to Kai Hime front; she smile fearlessly shoot her archery to him. Kai Hime shoot arrow through Takeshige's troat killed him instantly. This is the way Kai Hime raise the own army's sprits. After this incident Kai Hime took great leadership Protect Oshi castle with her Clan from Toyotomi Hideyoshi Army.

Later Kai Hime become concubine and Home teacher of the Toyotomi Hideyosi and his daughter. Meanwhile Tokugawa Ieyasu always want exterminate Hideyoshi's clan. But there is always Kai Hime is there. This is biggest reason Ieyasu assassinate not able to get close to Hideyoshi's family member.

8.Betsuhiki Onna (Edp Priod.) Edo Priod Samurai girl army.

Betsushiki Onna is only female Samurai group During the Edo period. They are belong to each Clan strictly training as a female Samurai.
Those female Samurai is Trained just as a Samurai men. They are well trained sword fight, riding Horse and many other Samurai Martial arts. Betsushiki Onna wear both long and short sword on their waist as a real Samurai. Those woman do not wear any of the female make up at all. Also they completely shaved off both eyebrows dress as brave Samurai. They are valued because of reason very peaceful Edo period trend.

9.Seishin Ama Stand up for Tragity.
Seishin Ama born in 1589. She is daughter of the Nejiro Nanbu Clan Naoyoshi. The year of 1595 her father Naoyoshi past away. The Clan family do not have any men to clam the house hold. The set up the marriage with her half brother Naomasa for continue the Clan. They had child together both boy and girl. This is most happiest time of her life.

Tragic strike Seishin again. The year of 1614 Seishin half brother and husband died age at 28. One tragedy happen, it always happen another. After her husband death their only son past away. There is no men to clam house hold again.
Fortunately, Mito Naunbu Clan Toshinao gave the advice to Seishin as "Because she is woman there is no reason to clam the Clan." Those words are Toshinao's father will.
But Tosninao has plan. After Seishin clam the house hold he set up the marriage with one of most trusted his worker then try to take over her Clan.

Soon as the Toshinao's plan exposed to Seishin, She shave off all of her hair decide to become Ama (nan) to refuse the marriage. Nejiro Clan was impressed by her bold decision everyone in the Clan respect Seishin as a good leader. She kept great balance of her Clan and surrounding other Clan and territory. Everyone admire her as Madam Seishin.

10.Ohmisima Tsuru Hime Japanese Joan of Arc
Accroding by the tale Tsuru Hime was born in Iyo Konji (Ehime Prefecture.) area. Her father is Local Shrine Master Ohiwai Yasuyou and Mother is one of his female servant. She was Extra large and beautiful baby born in the Beautiful Ohiwai's mansion. As a new born baby girl her body size is much larger than average babys.

Tsuru Hime grow up in the Oiwai Castle, people admire beautiful and brave Tsuru hime as a Ohiwai's finest Princess. Some of the citizen believe she is reborn of the Daimyojin(Mean Greatest god.) will save their place Someday.
Her father adore Tsuru Hime more than any other things. He gave Her most advance martial arts and Art of war education.

The Year of 1541 Ohuchi Clan Shirai's Army invade Ohiwai Territory. Her eldest brother become leader of the Shirine. Eldest brother due to protect shrine he not able to Join in the battle,
instead second eldest brother went to the battle. Unfortunately second brother badly wounded during the combat no longer continue to fight in the battle field.

Thus, Tsuru Hime take second brother's position took the leadership of the Ohiwai Army. She worn beautiful shining armor stood up front line on the horse stirring up the Ohiwai Army.

Result is remarkable. Her Ohiwai Army has significant victory in the battle. She was only 16yeras old on this battle.
Year of the 1543, Ohuchi resent massive Number of the battle ship army to Seto Inland Sea.
Again, Tsuru Hime participate in the battle. But this time her army lost many number of solder include her beloved lover Ochi Ansei. Right after the her lover's death Tsuru Hime gathering up her own army get them escape out side of their Land for spare their life. 

Mourning of her lover's death Tsuru Hime Sailing her boat into the ocean took own life to seeing her lover in Afterlife. She was only 18Yeras old.




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